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Have you been going through the line of educational degrees, marking one at a time off of your to do list? Have you completed your master’s level degree program and are now ready to begin working on your doctoral level degree? Are you hesitant because you really aren’t sure if a doctoral degree will benefit you in your current career path? A doctoral level degree is a great goal; it is a good idea to apply to more than one university. Keep in mind, you only have to accept the one school that truly fits you and your educational goals.

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While most people instantly think of a medical doctor when you say you plan to complete your doctoral program, there are actually many fields of study in which a doctoral degree will benefit you. Generally speaking, in practically any industry a doctorate level degree will allow you to advance to upper level positions and to supervise other individuals who have a lower educational level. It is common for there to be several requirements that you must meet before you can be admitted into a doctorate level program; it is a good idea to check into the prerequisites that are mandated by your university of choice. In addition, factors like your GPA in previous degree programs are likely to be strongly considered in the admission process. Furthermore, the admission committee will be interested in the areas of your previous degree programs. It is important that your intended doctorate degree path is somewhat aligned with the concentration areas of your earlier work. For example, if you have completed your master’s degree in an area of history, then it is perfectly feasible for you to pursue your doctorate degree in a more specific area of history. It is critical to understand that many universities have limited availability in their doctorate level programs; therefore, you will want to be sure you do everything possible for your application to be chosen as opposed to other contenders. Although not all doctorate level programs require students to have completed a thesis project, it is likely that this will be a requirement. In most situations, a thesis project will be used to demonstrate your ability to perform research regarding a specific topic and to then fully develop a project based on your research.

Within a doctoral degree program you can likely expect to be required to complete an internship. Depending upon your area of study, you may have the chance to work as a research assistant or as a teaching assistant to a university professor. If you have the opportunity to serve in one of these capacities it is likely that this will take the place of an internship requirement. Although specific requirements for a doctoral degree will vary slightly depending upon your field of study and your school of choice, you can likely expect to be required to complete the coursework as aligned by your degree program, to conduct the necessary research to write a dissertation, and to teach undergraduate students.