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Beginning January 1, 2011, nearly 10,000 Americans will turn sixty-five. This will continue every single day for the next nineteen years. This means that nearly 300,000 will approach retirement age every month; 3,600,000 every year. While the coming retirement of the Baby Boomer generation presents a great deal of positives and negatives, it also presents an array of opportunity for individuals considering getting their online nursing degree. As more and more individuals will reach ages that require healthcare, the demand for nurses and other healthcare assistants will inevitably increase, leading to more job opportunities and increased wages. Find online nursing classes and start your career training today!e.

Obtaining a nursing degree from a university or online serves individuals with the opportunity to take the knowledge they've acquired about healthcare and humans and apply it to the millions around them who need it. It also gives them an opportunity to take the compassion heart and caring giving motives to a professional level, uniting their passion for humanity with their ability to actually help. Those with nursing degrees will find an impressive host of opportunities to share their gifts and knowledge with the aging generation.

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Upcoming retirees are not the only type of individuals in need of nurses. Although many individual quickly imagine nurses as the white-coated, funny-hat-wearing individuals who silently hand doctors scalpels and stethoscopes, or as the ones who attend to patients more unmentionable needs, there is a diverse array of roles that nurses play in any healthcare institution.The primary types of positions those with nursing degrees generally fill include case managers, nurse midwives, clinical specialists, nurse educator, nurse practitioner, and staff nurse.

Nurses also can assume specialty roles that deal with a wide range of healthcare needs. These types of roles could include trauma nurses, AIDS care nurses, correctional nurse, pediatric nurse, primary care nurse, or dozens of other particular roles. Every healthcare institution is in need of nurses with degrees who can take on the challenging and rewarding roles that the field of nursing, and the greater field of healthcare, offer. As many different types of people there are, that many different medical needs arise. As medicine and technology continue to progress, and as challenges to individuals health continue to threaten their quality of living, trained nurses are required to stand in the gap and provide the care and comfort these individuals need.

Although the Baby Boomer generation approaches retirement and the medical needs of this generation will challenge the economic and political structures we currently enjoy, they need nurses. Although young people who never dream of needing medical care may suddenly find themselves in dangerous health conditions, they need nurses. Although individuals live ordinary lives and trust ordinary doctors for their ordinary health needs, they need nurses. No one expects to become fully dependent on medical staff. Nurses provide that stable middle ground where compassion and knowledge collide, and they treat not only the physical needs of patients, but also the mental and emotional needs as well. So many career opportunities continue to emerge in this growing field of healthcare. A nurse will never be financially or relationally undervalued! Find campus and online nursing degrees below.

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You can complete Southeastern Institute's training programs in as few as 8 months!* Receive handson instruction from caring instructors with practical experience in the fields in which they teach. Southeastern's small class sizes and individualized attention can be just what you need to succeed.

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Lincoln Tech is your LINC to a new career!

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Cortiva Institute School of Massage Therapy's innovative program will help you learn the art of massage therapy and introduce you to a range of career opportunities.

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The Robert H. Smith School of Business at the University of Maryland is recognized by Bloomberg Businessweek and U.S. News & World Report as one of the nation’s Best Business Schools. 

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Start your career with training from Schools of Medical Massage.

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Southern Technical College provides education and training in a variety of medical and technical areas that enable graduates to obtain entry-level employment.

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Aviation Institute of Maintenance schools are distinguished institutes committed to the education and personal enrichment of each student interested in the Aviation Industry.

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For 100 years, Automotive Training Center, also known as ATC, has trained hard working students to become automotive industry professionals.

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