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  • Animation

    Are you intrigued by the world of movies, television and online video? Animators are in high demand and this amazing field is always evolving.

  • Art

    Do you have a passion for Music, Theater, Visual Arts, Ceramics, Drawing, Fashion, Design and Photography? Art schools help you nurture your talent and live your dream.

  • Art and Design

    Do you have a passion for Music, Theater, Visual Arts, Ceramics, Drawing, Fashion, Design and Photography? Art schools help you nurture your talent and live your dream.

  • Computer Graphics

    Computers affect our lives in virtually every way, if you are always connected and wish to learn how to design or create graphic arts this may be perfect for you!

  • Desktop Publishing

    Computer illustration, website design and other key aspects of Desktop Publishing are taught at some of the best schools in the country.

  • Dressmaking

    Creatively set new trends in the specific field of dress design. Compete with the best, and learn how to make your mark in the world of fashion.

  • Fashion Design

    If you have a passion for style, and love to follow the latest trends and create your own trends, a fashion design school is a wonderful place to focus those creative talents.

  • Floral Design

    Learn how to work with flowers and plants to create perfect harmony between beauty and the right "I love you" message.

  • Furniture Design

    Do you have a passion for working with tools and using raw materials to create beautiful pieces of artistic furniture?

  • Game Design

    The world of console, online and computer games is exploding with new concepts and approaches. Learn how to use your gaming passion and follow your dreams!

  • Graphic Design

    Becoming a graphic designer takes incredible talent and is best suited for someone who is creative and has a keen eye for detail.

  • Interior Design

    Do you have a flair of your own? An inner style that you want to grow and share with the world? Interior Design may be perfect for you.

  • Jewelry Design

    A rewarding area of study that focuses on creating fashion through metals, stones and mixed media. Design beauty and show the world your own flair!

  • Multimedia

    Learn how to engage and interact with Digital Media, Print, Radio and TV. Each are evolving and your passion may drive the next new trend!

  • Photography

    Do you have a passion for imagery and capturing moments in life? Are you drawn to creating and defining meaning from images?

  • Accounting

    Every business needs an accountant and if you are drawn to math and numbers you can prepare yourself for a versatile and lucrative career.

  • Admin Secretary

    A highly flexible area of study which prepares you to be a valuable addition to any professional company. Learn the skills for today's evolving business environment.

  • Advertising

    A fantastic field for creative people who love to think out of the box and who enjoy a creative, fast paced, and well paid work environment.

  • Book Keeping

    Are you an entrepreneur? Interested in running your own office some day? Bookkeeping is vitally important to understanding corporate structure and finance.

  • Business

    Prepare yourself for the professional world of business and learn the skills necessary to follow your dreams and build your future.

  • Business Administration

    This degree prepares you to work within a large number of fields and industries because of it's valuable set of skills and business techniques.

  • Customer Service

    Do you enjoy working with people? Customer Service is vital to the success of most businesses and can be a rewarding career.

  • E Commerce

    Selling products and services online and on mobile are growing year after year. If emerging technologies are of interest, this area of study may be perfect for you.

  • Economics

    This degree is in high demand by corporations and governments as forecasts of economic trends drive business decisions which pave the road to corporate success.

  • Entrepreneurship

    you have a passion for business and wish to change the world? Is starting your own company a life long goal? Want to make your mark?

  • Finance

    Learn how to handle money and be a valuable addition to any business, large or small, who needs an expert in finance to manage their cash.

  • Hotel Management

    Learn how to create a postive experience for hotel guests, gain the skills necessary to manage a business. Travel the world and work in exotic locations.

  • Human Resource Management

    Are you a people person? Learn how to interact with people at both an intensely personal and big picture managerial standpoint.

  • International Bussiness

    Love to travel? Want to work abroad? This career provides exposure to many diverse cultures and business environments.

  • Internet Marketing

    An exploding field that affects virtually every company. If you are a creative and out of the box thinker this area of study can be very rewarding.

  • Leadership Management

    Learn how to manage employees and help drive business forward. If you prefer to lead rather than follow, this may be an excellent career for you.

  • Management

    Almost every business needs people skilled in management. Learn how to effectively work with individuals and steer a business in the right direction.

  • Marketing

    This field dominates the world of business and if you are a creative, open minded and challenge oriented individual this well paid field may be perfect for you.

  • Project Management

    Learn organizational skills and techniques to help companies manage their promotions, campaigns and events.

  • Property Management

    From commercial to residential, this field prepares a person to help clients make solid choices when purchasing homes and properties.

  • Real Estate

    Millions of homes change hands every year, learn the skills necessary to prosper in the real estate industry.

  • Real Estate Appraisal

    Learn how to investigate and determine the value of residential and commercial property.

  • Real Estate Broker

    Understanding the real estate market, evaluating property and helping individuals and corporations rent and sell property.

  • Retail Management

    Have you worked in a retail store before? Are you interested in learning how to operate a store and gain technical and supervisory skills?

  • Small Bussiness Management

    Are you an entrepreneur? Dream of owning your own business? Gain the skills necessary to make a small business successful.

  • Tax Preparation

    Many businesses need a tax preparer who have a strong attention to detail and who can quickly solve problems.

  • Travel Coordinator

    Learn the organizational skills and techniques to plan and execute trips for clients and employees.

  • Wedding Planner

    Do you enjoy helping people make the most of their 'special day'? Learn the skills necessary to plan, budget and deliver an unforgettable event!

  • Journalism

    This exciting field allows you to develop your investigative and writing skills. If you want a fast-paced, creative and challenging career this may be perfect for you.

  • Public Relations

    Many companies heavily rely on their public image. A career in PR involves many aspects of marketing, media and client services.

  • Computers and Technology

    Technology is ever evolving and you can study computer installation, computer engineering, computer maintenance, web development, programming and more.

  • Computer Repair

    Learn how and why computers fail and how to repair them. Technology is evolving and computer related occupations are growing.

  • Computer Science

    Gain in-depth training on computer and software systems, programming, artificial intelligence and more. This can be a high paying field.

  • Database Administration

    Data is ruling the world. Learn how to design, maintain, expand and repair databases and build database strategies.

  • Information Systems

    CIS managers plan and direct research for computer system development, IT projects for businesses, government agencies and more.

  • Java Programming

    Love to chat with friends all over the world? Java makes it possible. Learn how to create 3d imagery, build algorithms, much more.

  • Network Administration

    Design and maintain corporate computer systems, learn how to integrate various network components and more.

  • Web Design

    Virtually all companies need a website. Learn how to design, build and execute effective sites using the latest techniques and strategies.

  • Criminal Justice, Legal, Safety

    Are you interested in a career that allows you to help protect your friends and family, the community, your state or country?

  • Court Reporting

    Are you fascinated by the legal process? Obtain training in court reporting and transcription and learn the legal system from the inside.

  • Fire Science

    Learn the fire safety industry and become a fire fighter with skills to control and investigate fires, perform first aide and rescue victims.

  • Forensic Science

    In this exciting field there are careers as a Medical Examiner, Crime Lab Analyst, Crime Scene Examiner, and a Forensic Engineer.

  • Homeland Security

    Learn a vast array of security skills and tactics. Several common career options are border protection, law enforcement and criminal investigation.

  • Law School

    Hundreds of career options are available through a law degree. From international law to civil defense, virtually everyone can find the perfect field.

  • Paralegal

    Hundreds of career options are available through a law degree. From international law to civil defense, virtually everyone can find the perfect field.

  • Private Investigator

    Gain the skills to help businesses, attorneys and individuals gather intelligence and solve problems.

  • Public Safety

    Popular careers for individuals pursuing a public safety administration degree include a federal agent, fire fighter, emergency management specialist, and a patrol officer or supervisor.

  • Security Guard

    The role of a security specialist is to ensure the safety of a person or possession via constant monitoring and protection.

  • Child Day Care

    Do you have an affinity with children? Training in this field teaches how children learn and how they think.

  • Early Childhood Education

    Teaching young children is very rewarding. Helping young children learn, question and grow is one of the most important jobs anyone can have.

  • Elementary Education

    Teaching young children is very rewarding. Helping young children learn, question and grow is one of the most important jobs anyone can have.

  • ESL

    An ESL teacher usually works at an elementary school or at an adult education center where they teach English to individual students or classes who need help learning the language.

  • Secondary Education

    A rewarding field teaching students who are in middle or high school various subjects including mathematics, English, history, arts and more.

  • Special Education

    Individuals with a degree in special education approach teaching from a wide perspective and often with a lot of patience. They help challenged students with unique needs.

  • Teacher Assistant

    Individuals with a degree in special education approach teaching from a wide perspective and often with a lot of patience. They help challenged students with unique needs.

  • Teaching

    Pursuing a teaching degree means that you likely have a passion for a particular field of study, and a desire to share this passion with others

  • Culinary Arts

    A culinary arts school degree can lead to a large number of food industry careers. This includes cooking careers such as sous chef, head chef, and pastry chef, among others

  • Anesthesia Technician

    This vital role within a surgical center often includes patient monitoring for heart rhythm, temperature, breathing and blood pressure.

  • Biomedical Science

    A cutting edge field that usually is based in a lab where you use innovative medical equipment to test and conduct research on a variety of subjects.

  • Dental Assistant

    Everyone loves a beautiful smile! The DA is the backbone of a dentists office and can be integral in all aspects of dental health.

  • Fitness Training

    Do you enjoy being in shape and eating healthy? Interested in working with others to help their health and fitness goals?

  • Health Information Management

    This field is expanding rapidly as more and more hospitals, clinics and private medical facilities digitize and share information.

  • Health, Healthcare, Nursing

    Are you interested in helping others? Do you have an affinity for the sciences? If so, a career in healthcare can be lucrative and personally rewarding.

  • Healthcare Management

    Learn the skills necessary to help hospitals establish how and where care is administered, who provides the care and how these services are paid for.

  • LVN

    If you are a person who genuinely cares for others and feels bent toward aiding people's physical and emotional well-being, then earning a degree as an LPN or LVN may be perfect for you.

  • Massage Therapy

    Do you enjoy working with others and like a hands on approach? As a masseuse you can work for your self, as a corporate healer or with a therapy business.

  • Medical Administrative Assistant

    Are you an organized person who likes structure and efficiencies? This field will allow you a wide range of duties within a doctor's office or medical facility.

  • Medical Billing

    Learn the medical claims process and understand insurance carrier guidelines. Related careers include working as a medical coder or medical transcriptionist.

  • Medical Laboratory Technician

    This is a vital area of health and medicine because lab technicians play an important role in the process of diagnosing, treating and preventing diseases.

  • Medical Transcription

    An health and medical field which plays an important role in converting medical records into applicable paperwork.

  • Nursing

    This field has been growing and demand is high for well trained and professional nurses. There are a vast array of specialties that cover a broad range of healthcare needs. Choose yours!

  • Nutrition Specialist

    Gain a deep understanding of healthy foods and learn how to plan and prepare meals for individuals who are looking to start and maintain a healthier diet.

  • Occupational Therapist

    Gain the skills necessary to provide rehabilitative services to people with physical, mental, developmental, or even emotional impairments.

  • Personal Trainer

    Do you like working with people? As a PT, you will review a clients physical fitness, build a work out and nutritional plan, and help people achieve the body of their dreams.

  • Pharmacy Technician

    Gain medical awareness training, understand how to fill prescriptions, prepare creams and ointments, take medical inventory stock and order medications.

  • Physical Therapy

    Learn how to ease the suffering and improve the functioning of a wide variety of individuals. Gain valuable skills and learn various rehabilitation techniques to help improve peoples' lives.

  • Radiology

    An in-demand field that help doctors understand the illnesses of their patients. Various specializations are available including CT Scanning and magnetic resonance imaging.

  • Respiratory Therapy

    A vital area of medicine, this field focuses on helping patients with life-threatening breathing conditions. Often, prematurely born infants and the elderly face respiratory complications.

  • Sports Management

    Love sports? Learn how to organize the life of a professional athlete. Duties may involve creating a good public image, handling finances and helping them achieve peak performance.

  • X-Ray Technician

    Become trained and certified to use x-ray equipment. This career is focused on taking internal pictures of the human body and to help doctors diagnose diseases or injuries.

  • High School

    Did you quit high school before you completed the graduation requirements? Have you missed out on jobs because of it? Learn how to finish your degree and get that next job.

  • High School Diploma

    If you haven't completed high school and want to take GED courses they are available. There are various options to gaining your diploma, quickly.

  • Architecture

    Do you have an interest in unique buildings and admire the capabilities of their designers? An architect is someone who helps create a theme for a building and design it in a way to be safe and functional.

  • Electronics Technician

    Do you enjoy hands on work and fixing things? Learn about AC/DC current , physics, math, computers and much more.

  • Engineering and Architecture

    Highly valued skills and lucrative pay are common within these fields. There are a large variety of specializations one can follow depending on your passion.

  • Engineering

    Innovation and creation dominate this interesting and lucrative field. There are many different branches of engineering, find the one you love most!

  • Six Sigma

    A valuable business management practice that focuses on efficiency and is in demand by many executives in small, medium and large businesses.

  • General Studies

    As it sounds, a degree in general studies covers a broad base of knowledge in a variety of fields. A graduate with a GS degree can pursue a range of careers.

  • History

    A degree in history means that you have access to a unique set of knowledge that few others possess: you know what has worked and not worked in the past .

  • Liberal Arts

    Learn a broad range of knowledge and skills in various subject areas to ensure you have a wealth of job opportunities to match your well rounded education.

  • Religious Studies

    Graduates in Religious Studies can prepare to serve in many religious institutions, to publish scholarly work or teach in academia.

  • Writing Childrens Books

    This course prepares you to fully express your artistic and creative capabilities by delivering books which captivate the imaginations of children.

  • Writing

    Do you have a way with words? Are you interested in developing your skills to become a writer or freelance writer?

  • Environmental Degree

    If you have a passion for nature and love emerging technology, you may be perfectly suited for a career within the environmental field.

  • Forestry Wildlife

    Are you one with nature? A training program in forestry wildlife will help prepare you for a fulfilling career in a field you love.

  • Funeral Director

    As a mortician you will help the bereaved organize and plan every aspect of a funeral during their challenging time.

  • Math and Science

    Are you drawn to the sciences? Do you like the logic of math and wish to pursue a career in a related field?

  • Child Psychology

    A very rewarding field that helps children deal with a large variety of problems and complications related to mental health and psychology.

  • Conflict Resolution

    A degree in CR can help provide you the opportunity to travel the world and work to bring change and resolution in violent and turbulent areas.

  • High School Counselor

    Do you love working with young adults? Interested in helping students excel in academia, go to college or prepare for a job?

  • Psychology

    Are you fascinated by how we think? Why we think? The human mind is extremely sophisticated and this rewarding field can be both lucrative and fulfilling.

  • Sports Psychology

    A fascinating area of study that seeks to understand how psychological factors affect performance, participation and the effects of physical factors.

  • Substance Abuse Counselor

    Do you understand addiction, or feel the need to help others? This field of study focuses on helping people who have problems with alcohol or other addictive drugs.

  • Animal Care Training

    Do you love animals? This career path allows you to work with animals of all kinds on a daily basis, teaching them basic and advanced commands and more.

  • Appliance Repair

    Do you have a washing machine? A dryer? We all have them and learning how to repair items like washers, dryers, stoves, and refrigerators will always come in handy.

  • Auto Body Repair

    Love your car? Body repair is one of the most expensive areas of automotive reconstruction and skilled artisans can be in high demand.

  • Auto Mechanic

    Are you mechanically inclined and want to expand your skills to become an automotive expert? Vehicles are complex machines that can be tuned and tailored to our specific needs.

  • Carpentry

    If you are good with your hands, love to be creative and enjoy working with wood this may be an ideal area for you.

  • Contractor License

    Interested in being an inspector, contractor or a professional in real estate sales? Learn about engineering, structural framework, electrical work and even sanitation.

  • Diesel Mechanic

    Marine, truck and military applications all use heavy duty, ultra tough diesel engines. Learn how to build, repair or improve diesel engines.

  • Electrician Training

    Study AC and DC currents, learn about safety and how to troubleshoot issues.

  • Gunsmithing

    Learn how to design, build and service a variety of rifles and hand guns. Gain gun safety knowledge and become skilled in your own ordinance reloading.

  • HVAC

    Gain the skills necessary to effectively work within the field of heating and cooling. AC maintenance, Freon replacement, gas heater repair and more.

  • Landscape

    Do you love to be outdoors and have a flair for design? Enjoy working with plants and helping homeowners and businesses create the right outdoor vision?

  • Locksmith

    In addition to installing and repair locks, a technician will learn to program and re-program computer transponder systems for many of today's vehicles.

  • Motorcycle Repair

    Love the wind in your hair? Working with your hands? Gain the knowledge to repair and maintain motorcycles of varying years.

  • Pet Grooming

    Love animals? Learn how to trim, brush, bathe and provide similar grooming services for domestic pets.

  • Plumbing

    A diverse skill set that is much more than just fixing leaky pipes. Technologies have raced forward and plumbers work with traditional systems along with more modern products like tankless water heaters.

  • Small Engine Repair

    Learn how to work on engines for jet skis, motorcycles, chainsaws, lawnmowers and more. Learn how to diagnose and solve problems.

  • Truck Driving

    Get the skills needed to be a short or long haul truck driver. Understand load balancing, inventorying and the rules of the road.

  • Veterinary Assistant

    This career entails diagnosing diseases and delivering treatments to help a variety of animals get better. Gain the knowledge and skills to help doctors treat animals.

  • Vocational

    A broad area of study with the ability to focus on various areas of study that range from construction to tourism.